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When I was a kid, I lived in Leeds, England and in Leeds more rain than snow when it was winter. So yes if the winter is not too cold, during the summer is not too hot. But whatever the season, there’s always rain — that’s for sure: D. Maybe this is one of the reasons why I am a pluviophile.

Well when studying in Nantes, it turns out the weather is very similar to Leeds. It was raining a lot and not too cold despite the thin snow. After traveling to several other countries in Europe and also live in Switzerland and Romania who have a «real» winter new tau deh it feels cool cold.

From my experience, here are some dress tips in winter. Do not ignore the cold weather you know. I think it is important to dress up in accordance with the season, because if it gets cold (especially we are from tropical countries) and not strong, can be sick. Instead of getting sick, it’s better to wear warm clothes so you can walk around, huh?


I am most happy with the winter because it can wear layered clothes. If the clothes are plated, the impression is like there is a hug, so warm body. But it turns out there’s a good idea we use some layers, because the task is to absorb the sweat from our body and divert it to the next layer until it can finally «expelled». Make no mistake, we can also sweat in the winter.

It is recommended that the bottom layer is tight and certainly warm yes. I like most to wear a warm tank top down. After that, the next layer is ordinary clothes. If it’s cold I do wear long sleeve / jumper, but if it’s not too cold then any clothes will be adjusted where to go. Well in the middle layer is usually I add another layer when it is really cold, if it is too hot, can be removed, the important thing is just in case.

The last layer is the jacket. This jacket depends on weather conditions. Surely winter in England is different from the winter at the Pole. So buy a customized jacket. The more the function of the jacket (waterproof, windproof, etc) yes definitely more expensive.

No wonder also if people sometimes have more than one jacket, because the waterproof jacket is usually not too comfortable to wear especially if not rain. There is also a jacket that is not waterproof but very warm, called soft shell. To travel within the city and not to do outdoor activities, I still prefer soft shell because it is more flexible. But if you like to move in the winter, and may have to deal with heavy rain and high winds, better to use a hard shell type.

If it will stay long in the country of four seasons, better is a good investment jacket all. I am most reluctant to change my jacket because it’s hard to find the one you want. So once the buy must be a bit expensive but durable and warm. Why is the price of a jacket (good) expensive? Yes definitely lah, warm material that’s not cheap: D. But remembering that this is all for protecting yourself, there is no harm in spending a little more money.

Oh yes, I also love the jacket with big pockets, because my hands can be hidden here to add warmth.

Shoes and Socks

If the cold is not too piercing, I can still wear sports shoes. I usually choose sports shoes and not other shoes that may be more suitable for the warm season. Well but when the weather is getting very cold, sports shoes are no longer reliable.

For winter, I prefer boots. Actually looking for these boots are also similar to looking for a jacket. There are waterproof but not warm, there is also a very warm but not waterproof. At the beginning of my stay in Nantes, I bought the usual boots, which were «pretty». But the boots were not durable and I ended up not wearing them anywhere else because when it was cold, my feet were like frozen. It makes me buy boots that are rather expensive but warmer and not easily damaged.

Do not forget to look for non-slip shoes. This is so important that you do not slip while walking on melted snow or ice. Well if you are in a place more rain than snow, like England, it’s good to buy waterproof boots as well.

To support the shoes, of course I also wear warm socks. This socks function really helped me when in Romania with winter that somewhat overwhelmed me. Wool socks are preferred because they are warm.

At first I did not want to wear gloves because I consider it will make the hand is not free. As a result my hands hurt from the cold of the air. Brrr … Finally I bought an ordinary glove, it was not enough. Again, back to the problem if you buy a cheap, it can be a function is also mediocre.

One of my dilemmas is if my traveling is rather difficult to take photos because there is a glove.

While browsing, it turns out there are gloves from the wool in the finger half finger (fingerless) so it can still «feel» the button on the camera. This glove is also long up to my arm. Well this is always my use when traveling, yes although a little cold on the fingers, at least my hand remains warm. Of course I do not recommend gloves like this for cold.

This shawl is a favorite of many people because the thin one can be worn in the warm / not too cold and thick season is very useful in winter. Special winter I like with a scarf made of thick wool and type infinity loop so stay dikalungkan and my neck is always warm.

It’s still traveling or living in a country of four seasons means to spend more capital to dress. But I always encourage people to dress appropriately for winter, in order to avoid pain and in extreme cases, hypothermia.

If you live in a country of four seasons, it would not hurt to visit second hand stores. Usually in second hand stores in Europe many sell jackets / warm boots are good with low prices in good condition. Especially if the city is a student city, there will be these used shops. Buying here certainly really helps the students to save, yet they usually will not stay too long.

Once I forgot to wear a hat in winter so my head is dizzy and my ears are cold. Duh! Since then I always carry my flagship wool hat. My friend there is a disposable hobby bomber hat that covers the head and ears as well. I think it’s really warm.

Thanks you.

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