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The development of ecomerce is very fast along with the growing number of internet users. The ease of online shopping is also a consideration for the consumer. They do not have to go to shopping and leave other important activities. But sometimes online shopping does not provide satisfaction as shopping traditionally. Here a

Consumers will usually buy familiar and branded goods with predictable quality online. Conversely, if consumers are not familiar with the goods sought, they prefer to buy in offline stores. Why is that? Because there is the possibility of purchased goods need to be returned and the need to directly see the goods exceed the need to buy them online.

Here are some risks you face when shopping online:

Fraud due to making payments on unsafe web pages.
Fraud due to making payments using an unsafe WiFi connection.
Fake online stores, fake websites, and email bids for products or services that do not exist.
Purchase counterfeit goods intentionally or unintentionally, accept goods of poor quality, or other more serious crimes.
Losing money when making direct bank payments for items never sent.
Receive goods or services that do not match the description on the ad.
Get a product offering with a certain price based on information the seller collects about your online shopping habits and the websites you visit.
Security When Shopping Online

Using the internet to buy goods or services can save you time and effort. You also have many choices. Even so, online shopping still has risks and you need to be wary of what you buy, from whom, and how you pay for purchases.

Everything connected to the internet, including mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, needs to be secured, especially during peak use, such as on vacation. People who shop can be the target of fraudsters and online criminals.

Anyone should be wary of emails asking recipients to take quick action, click on links, and open attachments. Be careful with emails about online order status. Criminals know that the price is the most considered in online shopping. So you should be vigilant when looking at supply of goods with discounts below normal.

Online Shopping Tips

Safe online shopping means taking preventive steps from fraud. Here are some tips for online shopping that you can follow:

Do some research. When using a new website to make a purchase, read the reviews and see if other consumers have a positive or negative experience with the site. Make sure the online store you choose has a good reputation. Find the physical address of the store and contact phone contacts. The best way to find trusted sellers is through recommendations from trusted sources.
When in doubt, leave. Links to emails or posts are often the way fraudsters steal your information or infect your device.
Personal information is the same as money, valuable and must be protected. When making an online purchase, be aware of the type of information you need to provide to complete the transaction. Make sure you feel the seller really needs to request the data. Remember, you only need to fill in some of the requested parts during checkout.
Use secure payment options. Credit cards are generally the safest option because the buyer needs to seek credit from the card issuer (bank) if the product is not delivered or not the item ordered.
Read our return and other policies so you know exactly what will happen if your purchase is not as planned.
Limit the type of business you do in a public WiFi connection, including logging in to important accounts, such as email. Adjust the security settings on your device to limit who can access your phone.
Double check all purchase details before confirming payment.
Do not answer emails from companies you do not know.
Some websites will direct you to a third party payment service. Make sure the site is secure before you make a payment.
When making payments to individuals, do not transfer money directly to their bank account, but make payments for example through PayPal.
Always logout from sites you visit or after giving details for registration. Just closing the browser is not enough to ensure privacy.
Check your credit card and checking account carefully after shopping to make sure the exact amount has been debited, and no fraud occurs due to the transaction.
Whenever possible, make sure the prices listed in the store are not much different at other stores, to make sure you do not pay more.

Most Basic Security Tips.
Make sure all web-connected devices, including PCs, smart phones, and tablets, are free of malware and infections by using only the latest software and apps.
Your login key. Protect your online account by enabling the most powerful authentication tool. Your username and password are not enough to protect important accounts like email or social media.
Create a sentence password. Strong passwords are sentences that are at least 12 characters long. Focus on positive sentences or phrases that you like and are easy to remember. On some sites, you can even use punctuation marks.
Unique account, unique password. Having a different password for each account helps prevent cyber crime. At least separate your work and personal accounts, and make sure your important account has a strong password.
Mobile Device Security To Keep Safe To Shop Online

Here are some tips for securing a mobile device for safe shopping from your phone or tablet:

Do not use debit cards, always use credit cards or online payment services

Buying items with a debit card may be preferred over a credit card because you do not have to worry about additional costs. But credit cards have better protection. Other options can be online payment services like PayPal, which uses advanced technology to store and send your bank information.

Save your payment confirmation window

Do not rely solely on the seller sending a receipt email, or the website keeps your transaction in the purchase history. Errors can occur, especially when there are many transactions on the website.

If there is no option to store payment information, use a screenshot and send it to your own email.

Do not open retail emails from mobile devices

Your inbox can be full of promotional emails. But do not open these messages, because it could be phishing scams. Fraudsters just want to steal your personal data via email that is designed very well.

Wait until you get home or be in front of your laptop or PC to open the email. Look for oddities like spelling or grammatical errors and awkward work design.

Remember, when you open this email, never click on anything. But copy and paste each email link in a new browser window. This is a safe way to test URL validity.

Or you can try another trick. Leave your cursor above each link in the email. The URL will appear, if it does not match the typed link, then it’s probably a phishing form and avoid clicking on it.

Use mobile antivirus protection

With the increase of malware on mobile devices, the use of antivirus protection is a must. Before you start shopping, complete your smart phone and tablet with mobile security software. Find applications that can scan for viruses, block websites, provide protection, and offer automatic updates. Read our info on how to secure websites from malware.

Do not forget to update your browser application

Always use the latest version of major mobile browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.

By using the latest browser updates, you get a security feature that protects you from malware.

Download the shopping app from a trusted developer

Of course safe online shopping is the goal, but the process should be comfortable and also save time. Fortunately, many renowned merchants have created apps that allow consumers to compare prices, read reviews, and choose the best deals with just a few slides.

Download apps from big marketplace like Tokopedia, Blibli, Bukalapak, Lazada, and so on.
Read reviews, ratings, and information from developers to confirm application authentication.
Scan newly downloaded and installed applications to protect from viruses.
Avoid public Wi-Fi

Look for security indicators, such as when using a laptop or PC, find secure sockets layer (SSL) or transport layer security (TLS) signals on the mobile site you visit.

SSL and TSL indicators can look like a small padlock or «http» in the URL window. This tells you that the site will protect the transmission of your personal data.

Since the handset screen is small, this marker is not always found. So it’s best to just visit an online store that you already trust, by typing its URL in the address bar. Also read our other articles about avoiding online fraud.

Safe Payment Methods When Shopping Online

You always take risks when shopping online. It is possible that fraudsters take payment information and make purchases on your behalf. This risk is not only present when shopping online, it can also happen to a physical store.

You can anticipate the threat of this crime by relying on technology. Your information is usually converted to a hard to read format. But even when you’ve done everything right, even large websites have a risk of data leakage.

Your device must be secure and updated, but what about the payment method you use when shopping online?

You usually have several options to pay: using a credit card, debit card, payment service like PayPal, or other options. Depending on your interests, one option may be better than the other. Let’s look at one by one payment method when shopping online.

Credit card

Credit cards often become a payment option when shopping online. The protection from fraud with credit kertu is quite high, and getting your money back is quite simple. Just report suspicious activity to the party who issued the card or tell them if you never received what you paid for.

No money coming out of your bank account, money from the bank used. But credit cards also have a negative side. People think of credit cards as a tool to meet everyday needs. Maybe you use it regularly to pay for personal and business expenses. Or you pay a certain fee automatically and repeatedly with a credit card.

If the card number is stolen, you will get a new card and card number. You need to update billing information in many places, and in the meantime you can not use a credit card when waiting for a replacement.

Tips for you, use a credit card only when you are confident with its safety and when there is strong customer protection. You can use a credit card that you only use to shop online or on sites that you are not familiar with.

You can make a payment in Dewaweb via credit card.

Payment service

Third party payment services are also a great option for online shopping. PayPal is becoming the most popular payment method. This service provides an additional layer of security, in addition to providing credit card numbers or bank account information to each website where you shop.

When you shop on many sites or sites that you are not familiar with, you can reduce the risk of hackers finding information about you. This service also provides protection for buyers when ordered goods are not up to destination or fraud occurs.

Disadvantages of this payment method, when things happen that do not cool, for example you have a problem with the buyer, this account can be temporarily suspended for investigation. If you are absent from payment, the account can be closed and you are fined. Even so, you do not rely much on PayPal accounts, there are many online shopping places with other payment methods. But sometimes PayPal is indeed the easiest way.

Debit card

A debit card is a payment card that attracts funds directly from your bank account. You do not need to apply, approval, pay annual fees, or accept debt risk as on credit cards.

The disadvantage is that a direct debit card is connected to your bank account. If the card number is used without your permission or an error occurs, the money will be out of your account, and you can not pay the bill or expense with an empty card. There is protection from fraud, but it takes about 10 days for the bank to return the money to your account.

As much as possible avoid the use of debit cards when shopping online. If you can not use a credit card or a payment service, prepaid cards can help isolate your account from problems.

You are legally buying goods online when looking for the best offer. Although shipping costs are already included, most prices in online stores are lower. Although online stores are not all competing in price, there are more priority customer service.

But, if you feel safer shopping to shop offline rather than online, why not go directly to the store of your choice? Before buying, make sure you read a lot of information as well as do a little research on the company where you will buy your products and your transactions will run smoothly.

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